Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness has become aPersonal Trainer in San Jose company-wide strategy and is a win-win proposition.  Most companies have incorporated workplace wellness programs and initiatives, so their employees can benefit from a healthier lifestyle and employers can reap the rewards of increased efficiency and productivity not to mention a reduction in health care costs.  This win-win proposition will directly impact both your company culture and your bottom line.

Silicon Valley Health & Wellness corporate program will focus on diet, nutritional information as well as a holistic fitness program.  We will create a customized program for your company based on your environment, budget and culture.  Our team consists of certified personal trainers and wellness coaches with a wide knowledge of nutrition.  Our customized program encourages maximum employee participation and is tailored to each employee and their individual goals as well as to your company, your goals and your company culture.

Corporate Wellness Services Include:

  • Group and personal training sessions
  • Body composition screenings
  • Health risk assessment
  • Wellness coaching
  • Nutritional guidance

We also offer:

  • Ergonomic Stretching classes
  • Gym equipment demonstrations
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