What are people looking for in online fitness classes?

Recently, online fitness classes and online personal training have boosted in their popularity. This is largely due to the pandemic and not being able to attend in person classes. But when it comes to online fitness classes, potential clients are looking to get the best online personal trainer as well as the most that they can get out of their classes. So what are people looking for in their online fitness classes? What makes them want to stick with a class on a regular basis? In this article, we will explain the key clues that bring lots of customers to online fitness classes. 

Large access to trainers and instructors 

Online personal trainer

Through virtual gyms, you have the opportunity to choose a wide range of trainers and instructors. When people sign up for gyms or studios, they don’t only invest in fitness, they also invest in the quality of trainers and instructors. They want the best online personal trainer who will work with them to reach their goals. To connect with these potential customers and get them to buy into their fitness business, successful online fitness classes make sure they know that their trainers and instructors are the most qualified to lead them on their fitness journeys. 

The Value of the classes 

Virtual gyms are not just about the cost, they are also about the value that the customers receive. Customers are part of a huge community and value the overall benefits of the relationships that they make within them. No matter where or how they give online classes, the pricing has to reflect the value of the classes. This means having reasonable prices so that they can attract more customers. Our personal trainers can work with you to develop a program that is perfectly tailored to you and what you are looking to achieve. They can help you target areas of your body that you want to work on and adapt to your goals! 

Flexibility to workout whenever 

The biggest perk to working out online is the amount of flexibility that comes with it. You can do a class anytime, anywhere. All a person needs to come to class online is WiFi and a device. This makes it easier to keep up with one’s fitness routine without struggling to fit it into a busy schedule. Once your fitness program has been set you can exercise whenever and wherever you like, with the confidence that you are following a plan designed around your ideal body. 

Guidance to achieve goals

Another benefit of online classes is the opportunity to connect with trainers one- on-one. Generally, customers can be more open in an online class versus an in-person one. Everyone wants guidance on how to achieve their fitness goals, but many people feel more comfortable doing so when there is a screen between them and others. 

Flexible schedules 

Offering flexible schedules works in both the customers’ and the trainers’ favor. You can even coach clients in different timezones if needed. The amount of flexibility that online classes offer is superb. Another benefit that people look for is easy communication between customer and trainer. We live in a digital world, which works out great for online training.

Flexibility in workout equipment

Workout equipment

Many clients don’t have specific equipment that gyms may offer. Successful online classes let their customers know to purchase these products in advance or let them know what they can use as an alternative. It depends which kind of equipment you would need for different programs. If there is equipment that you need, you can learn over the course of the workout sessions and be prepared for each session. Some workouts still provide results even if no equipment is used. 

Increased availability for individual sessions 

Making yourself available for customers’ individual needs and goals goes a long way in securing their customer loyalty for life. Customers are looking for a virtual gym class that is flexible but also available to them if one on one sessions are needed. 

No matter if you do an in-person class or online class, the results will likely be the same. All of the hard work is dependent on you. If you are dedicated and choose the right personal trainer for you, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get the same results through online personal training as you would through any other kind. Having an online personal trainer means that even if you live ten miles away or in a different country, you can have someone there showing you how to do specific exercises and correcting your technique. Any reputable online personal training classes will make sure that you stick to your exercise routine and nutritional intake to push your progress to your ideal body. 

As you can see, people are looking for a variety of things for online training. If you are interested in a free online fitness class, Silicon Valley Health & Wellness offers a pre-recorded fitness class that is fun and challenging. This will show you what you can expect from some of the best online personal trainers. The best part about our programs is that: 

  • We bring all of the equipment to each workout 
  • You can choose where you want to workout 
  • Our first session is completely free and consists of: 
    • An hour holistic assessment to review your medical history and get a better understanding of your goals and diet 
    • A biometric scan to capture your weight, body fat %, muscle mass %, visceral fat %, BMI and body age. 
    • A fitness assessment to benchmark your strength and flexibility. 

Schedule an appointment with us today! Silicon Valley Health & Wellness is dedicated to your success and wants to help you attain your fitness goals as well as change the way you feel! 

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