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benefits of personal training

What to Expect

Our goal here at Silicon Valley Health & Wellness is to guide clients to find and keep up with a healthier, fuller lifestyle.  It all starts with your free assessment and designing your personalized fitness program.  This can be in-home personal training, corporate training, or various other options listed below.

All our trainers are knowledgeable in diet and nutrition and can guide you to a better lifestyle of food choices.

To schedule your first free session with one of our certified coaches, contact us at 510-813-8630.

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benefits of personal training

We're Always Prepared So You Don't Have To Be

During your first free session, we’ll determine your starting point and your physical fitness goals.  After that, we’ll work together to create a custom workout plan to help you reach those goals.  One of the many reason why our clients prefer Silicon Valley Health & Wellness over traditional gyms or working out on their own is because we’re always prepared to help you achieve success.  We supply the equipment necessary for your customized workouts.  This helps you save money on gym equipment and avoid cluttering your home or garage with gym gear that goes unused.  Why not have hassle-free in-home personal training?