Everyone knows that core strength training is good for you, but not everybody understands the importance of it. The core is the center of the body, and as you work those muscles, your body will get stronger and you will see improvement in all of your workouts. 

What is Core Strength Training and Conditioning? 

Core strength training

Training for your core is easier said than done. Any exercise that works the back and abdominal muscles is considered core training, but there are a lot of different exercises that fall into that category. Some core conditioning exercises are better than others, and some can hurt you if you aren’t careful. Many people don’t realize that the back muscles are part of the core. 

Back injuries constitute a good amount of gym injuries. Most of these come from straining the back because it hasn’t been exercised enough, or trying to lift something. Core muscles are essential to weightlifting. If weightlifting is done with incorrect form, serious injury can result. When the core is strong and well-conditioned, you are much less likely to become injured during any physical activity. As the bridge of the body, the core creates strength for the rest of the body to function well and work together. 

How Core Strength Training and Conditioning Can Help You 

Core Conditioning

Anyone at any level of fitness can benefit from core strength training and conditioning. Not only is the core very important for any exercise, it increases stability, flexibility, and balance. When you exercise your core regularly, you will find better strength for other activities. The core is the driving force behind the body, so you need core strength for just about any sport or activity. On the other hand, if you have a weak core, it can impair the strength of your arms and legs. If you are having difficulty with playing a sport or accomplishing your fitness goals, you may need to strengthen and condition your core muscles. 

Who is Core Strength Training and Conditioning Designed For? 

Core strength class

Because the core is so essential to fitness, core strength training and conditioning is designed for everyone. There are levels to each exercise and adaptations that can be made for every person. If you can’t do push ups, there are several levels of modifications that can help you still work your core. If you have a hard time doing sit ups, you can do crunches. 

When you exercise with one of our personal trainers, we can help you exercise at your level and build up your core in safe, effective ways. Weak core muscles can lead to injuries, fatigue, and depleted endurance. As you work hard, you will start noticing the effects of core strength training and conditioning in your everyday life. 

What to Expect During a Core Strength Training and Conditioning Class

During a core strengthening class, you will be taught by one of our certified trainers. Our trainers make sure to focus on all areas of the core, not just the abdominal muscles. Many people work their core and only focus on their abs, but that doesn’t yield the results we all need. Strengthening the back muscles are just as essential as strengthening the abdominals.

Each class has options for modification so that people at all levels of fitness are included! If you prefer not to come to a class with other people, our trainers also offer one-on-one core strength training and conditioning courses. Each person can feel included and begin to train their core at Silicon Valley Health and Wellness! If you would like to find out more about our core strength training and conditioning classes, reach out to us today!