When you think of exercising, one of the key parts of any workout is cardio. Cardio and endurance training is very important for everyone’s health and fitness. But why is cardio so important for your exercise routine? Many people see it as a necessary evil when working out. However, it goes much further than that and is an essential aspect of any workout routine. 

What is Cardio and Endurance Training?

Cardio and Endurance Training

Cardio is any exercise that gets your blood pumping and your heart rate up. Making sure that you care for your heart is one of the main pillars of fitness, and cardio is the way to do that. Cardio and endurance training is a great way for every person to begin their fitness journey or just expand their horizon. When you exert energy at a consistent level for an extended period of time, your cardiovascular system pumps highly oxygenated blood throughout the body. This can lead to overall better health, mood, and obviously, endurance. The increase in blood flow to your muscles will help your workout be more effective and will yield better results. 

How can Cardio and Endurance Training help

Endurance training

Every person can use more cardio exercise in their life, especially those who have been focusing on building muscle or are just starting to create a fitness regimen. Regular cardio workouts help the body recover faster after any kind of exercise. Cardio is also a huge part of sports, and can prepare you for games and other physical events. A great thing about cardio and endurance training is that it can be modified for any fitness level. 

Those who are just starting their journey can do cardio at either less intensity or for shorter periods of time, and then work up to higher levels. This growth is measurable as well, which makes it more exciting. Our personal trainers can help you see this growth in your cardio and endurance training by tracking your heart rate with you, as well as testing your endurance levels. 

Who is Cardio and Endurance Training designed for?

Cardio training

Because cardio and endurance training is so essential, it is designed for every person! Cardio can look so different for each individual, because it is so adaptable. However, people with heart problems or other serious illnesses should definitely talk to their doctor before jumping right into cardio and endurance training. This is another reason why our certified personal trainers are so helpful! They can help you determine what types of cardio exercises are right for your body, so that you can feel that growth while staying safe and healthy. 

Fitness comes from a well-rounded workout schedule, so pairing cardio with other types of training is the best route for many people. If you are focusing too much on weightlifting or strength training, make sure to get some cardio in! Cardio and endurance training can truly benefit every person on their fitness journey. 

What to expect during a Cardio and Endurance Training class

Cardio class

One of the best things about a cardio and endurance training class is its accessibility. Most cardio exercises don’t need much equipment, and can involve a variety of exercises. Cardio never gets boring! Cardio classes generally last for about 30-60 minutes and focus on keeping the heart and breathing rates up for extended periods of time. There are so many options that our trainers can help you explore, whether that be in a group class or in personal sessions. Contact us today to learn more about our cardio and endurance classes!