Training is so important for anyone with a career in sports or athletics. If your livelihood depends on your ability on the field or the court, you need to spend just as much time training as you do in the game. Sometimes athletes train on their own or with a non-certified trainer, but this can limit your possibilities and growth. 

What is Performance/Athletic Training?

Athletic training

Performance and Athletic Training is a specialized field of personal training that specifically prepares your body for endurance, speed, and stamina. Depending on the sport or event you are training for, there are different exercises that will help you reach your goals. Within the range of performance/athletic training, cardio-based training is key as well as strength-building exercises. Many clients see an increase in agility, flexibility, and muscle tone as we focus on your strengths and your weaknesses. With our certified professional trainers by your side, you will be raising your limits in no time! 

How Performance/Athletic Training Can Help You 

Perfomance training

Whether you play a sport or consider yourself an athlete, training can always benefit you. Some people fall into the same routines when exercising. Many people feel frustrated when their body falls into a period of slow or nonexistent growth. Why aren’t your muscles growing bigger? Why does it feel like you aren’t getting stronger? Possibly because you are doing the same exercises, and your body is getting used to it. If you want real gains with lasting results, you can rely on our trainers to help you achieve them. Regular training can also increase a person’s ability to recover, which is imperative during a competition or game. Our trainers know that your workouts should be demanding and intense, but they also need to be enjoyable. If you dread your current training sessions, maybe it’s time for something new. 

Who is Performance/Athletic Training Designed For? 

Performance and athletic training

Obviously, performance/athletic training focuses mostly on people who play sports and professional athletes. That doesn’t mean that performance/athletic training isn’t for you! If you are training for a marathon, ironman, or triathlon, this kind of coaching can help you push your limits and prepare you for whatever you want to accomplish. For those who do play sports, there is always someone out there ready to take your place if you can’t play. Keeping yourself in the best physical shape possible keeps you in the game. We focus on your results long-term, rather than just improving for a short time. 

What to Expect During a Performance/Athletic Training Class 

Athlete training

Performance-based training relies heavily on your own enthusiasm and willingness to achieve. Your effort in your training sessions will make a difference. Depending on your sport or competition, we create personalized plans to prepare you. Our classes aren’t generic, we follow a regimen that will help you achieve personally. We also offer classes for entire teams to build unity. We are dedicated to your fitness goals and to your success! Whatever you feel is important to work on, we can help you make that happen. If you are unsure about what we could do for you, give it a try before you commit! We offer our first session for free. We can also come to you if you’re more comfortable in your home or at your personal gym. 

If you choose our performance/athletic training, you can be sure that you are choosing elite training that will help you progress. We are dedicated to your success, and whatever your personal fitness goals may be. Reach out to Silicon Valley Health and Wellness today to find out more about our performance and athletic training classes!